Bullfrog Pool Service uses the best, commercial grade chemicals to ensure proper chemistry balance and adequate filtration. We will make it our priority to keep your pool looking great and operating at optimal performance for many seasons to come!  We incorporate equipment inspection and simple energy consumption analysis into our maintenance programs to ensure that you get long life and maximum efficiency out of your equipment.

Whatever pool size, type, equipment, or budget, let Bullfrog Pool Service design a specific maintenance program for your needs!Contact us to set up a free on-site consultation today!

Our philosophy is that keeping a pool safe, healthy and in top condition takes more than just routine upkeep; it requires a deep understanding of the chemistry and outside influences involved with your pool and how they affect the life of your pool’s surface, equipment, electronics, and plumbing. Our water specialists are LAFT (Licensed Aquatic Facility Technician) trained, recognized by the state of North Carolina and New Hanover, Brunswick, and Pender counties.

–       What is Balanced Water Chemistry?

There are many factors that go into properly balancing the chemistry of your pool water.  It requires accurate chemistry techniques and readings, knowledge of the fill water being added to your pool, and accurate dosage to correctly balance the chemistry.  Did you know that based on the location of your pool, the city or well water being added can be extremely corrosive or scaling?  Bullfrog Pool Service has the local knowledge and experience to know what your pool needs.  If your water is corrosive or acidic, it can eat away at your pool shell and equipment, causing premature wear.  If your water tends to be scaling or alkaline, scale can build up on your pool shell, filter, and plumbing lines.  Properly balanced water is neither acidic nor alkaline, but rather balanced, extending the life of all the components of your swimming pool and making for a pleasant swimming experience.

During our weekly maintenance visit, we will check the Sanitizer, pH, Total Alkalinity, Water Hardness, Stabilizer, Phosphate and salt levels to ensure that all factors are within ideal parameters. We include a log sheet with detailed chemistry analysis, a record of activities, and chemicals added to your pool for quality assurance.  Bullfrog Pool Service maintains an open channel of communication with its clients to ensure full satisfaction.

–       High Quality Commercial Grade Chemicals and Parts

Clients enrolled in our maintenance programs are able to take advantage of our extensive line of chemicals, parts and products at competitive prices!  From chlorine tablets, shock,  algaecide, specialty and spa chemicals to skimmer baskets, O-rings, pool pumps, filters and salt water systems, most chemicals are readily available and parts are only a day away.  We work with great distributors and pass the savings on to you! Contact us  for a free on-site consultation for any maintenance or service and we will give you a quote on maintenance chemicals as well!

–       Cloudy or Green Swimming Pool Water?

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In addition to the chemistry factors mentioned above, Bullfrog Pool Service will also check metal and phosphate levels when necessary to diagnose any algae or discoloration problems with your pool.

Phosphates are known as the limiting nutrient for algae growth; in other words, phosphates are algae food.  Natural Chemistry notes that without phosphates in your pool water and with proper sanitization, algae have a difficult time growing.  “A study in the US recently reported that ‘the soundest preventative and restorative approach to correct the root cause [of algae growth] is to curb the input of one selected nutrient, namely phosphates.’ Consequently, governments have banned or limited the use of phosphates in such products as laundry detergents and soaps to prevent un-natural algae growth in lakes and rivers.”¹

High level of metals is another cause of water discoloration or staining of your shell.  When fill water is added to the pool, whether from a city/municipal source or a well, it can contain metals such as copper, iron, or manganese.  Water can hold some metal in solution, but if the metal content goes above what the water can hold, that metal will “plate out” on the pool’s surface, staining it.  Another factor in the ability of water to hold metal in solution is pH.  At a lower pH, water is able to hold more metal than at a higher pH.  If the pool is shocked with calcium hypochlorite (pH of 13.5), the metal will “fall out” of solution and onto the pool’s shell causing staining.  Once the pH returns to a lower level, the metal can return to solution.  This does not solve the problem permanently.  Let Bullfrog Pool Service come out and provide a comprehensive plan of attack to rid your pool of stains and provide a maintenance plan to keep the stains out of your pool.

–       Filter Cleaning

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Do you have a Diatomaceous Earth (DE) or cartridge filter?  We provide flush and recharge services for these types of filters to lengthen the life of your DE or cartridge components.  If your filter has not been taken apart and flushed in the past few months, chances are the filtration and circulation of your pool are adversely affected.  Is your current service taking care of this for you?  If not, maybe it’s time for a change to Bullfrog Pool Service.


1)    Natural Chemistry. 13 July 2009 Download PDF Phosphate fact sheet from Natural Chemistry