Our service technicians perform a variety of work on virtually all aspects of your pool; services such as flushing pool filter elements and replacing and servicing sand filters, repairing or replacing pool equipment, energy consumption analysis and much more. We offer quality pool service at affordable rates.  We are prompt in our response time and will work hard to ensure you are fully satisfied no matter what service we are providing! Do you have an aging pool pump, pool filter, pool heater or other equipment?  Set up a free on-site consultation by calling us or sending us an email!  Does your pool have a chlorine generator commonly referred to as a salt system?  We provide a salt pool cell cleaning service specifically for your salt pool!  Whatever the problem, we will work hard to help you solve it promptly so you can get back to enjoying your pool, not worrying over it!  If for some reason Bullfrog Pool Service is unable to provide the service you are looking for, we will be happy to point you in the right direction!

Test Kit service pageBullfrog Pool Service is not a pool build contractor, but rather a pool and spa service, maintenance and repair provider to your existing pool and spa. We provide real and cost-effective solutions for all of your pool problems!  Call or email us to set up a free on-site consultation
today!  Check out our list of some of the many pool services we offer:

Services Offered:

  • Commercial and Residential pools
  • Pool and Spa Maintenance Programs
  • Pool Chemicals and Product sales
  • Motor and Filter Replacement
  • Pool water testing and analysis
  • Tile cleaning service
  • Salt system installation & service
  • Recharging/ Cleaning DE filters
  • Pool Inspection service
  • Pool Equipment Repair/Replacement


  • Blowing/Washing pool deck
  • Pool plumbing pipe repair
  • Cleaning/Replacing Cartridge filters
  • Sand Change service
  • Emergency pool contamination cleanup
  • Hurricane/Storm preparation and cleanup
  • Troubleshooting and diagnosis
  • Water Garden/Fountain Maintenance
  • Energy Consumption Analysis
  • Log sheets for quality assurance

DE filter before and afterThis photo is a before and after of a DE (diatomaceous earth) filter that has been properly flushed and cleaned. This is one of the many items performed by our service technicians that when done regularly will help lengthen the life of your pool filter, pump and maximize the efficiency of the operation of your swimming pool.

A diatomaceous earth (DE) filter has grids which are the white screens inside of the DE filter that are coated with diatomaceous earth at the pool or spa at start-up. This is what provides the filtration for the pool, as water passes through the DE powder and back into the pool, very fine particulates are removed from the water and clean water is returned to the pool. DE filters filter down to the finest particle among the three types of pool filters. At Bullfrog Pool Service, we recommend a DE filter to homeowners who have a well with lower quality well water, or to customers who are concerned about water quality and clarity. Give us a call if you are interested about switching to a DE filter and we will be happy to provide an on-site quote at no cost!

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On the right is a photo of cartridges that go inside of a pool cartridge filter. This is the most common filter found in hot tubs and spas because it is easy to remove, flush and replace. It also filters to a finer particle than a sand filter which makes it a good choice for those who want a little bit better filtration than a sand filter but not the sometimes frequent flushes that a DE filter needs. A cartridge filter also conserves water just as a DE filter does. Keep an eye on the condition of your cartridges. When the paper rings around the outside begin to tear off or if there are any cracks in the cartridge, it is time to replace them.

 sand-filter insidePictured left is a diagram of the inside of a sand filter which is the most common type of filter found here in the Wilmington NC area. Sand filters are the least expensive type of pool filter to operate and maintain. Instead of a series of grids that are coated with DE over and over or cartridges that need to be flushed, a sand filter has a “bed” of sand inside consisting of  150-950 lbs of sand, which serves as the filter for the water passing through it. A sand filter is different when it becomes clogged or dirty with particulates or debris. There is a “multiport valve” which reverses the normal flow of water in order to backwash or clean out the sand bed. Every few years, each piece of sand in the sand bed gets worn down just as sea glass does as it gets tumbled in the ocean, and the sand needs to be replaced. At Bullfrog, we perform the sand change service every 5 years at the most. Some commercial pool filters need it a bit sooner depending on the application. The inside lateral assembly is a also something our service technicians look at when replacing the sand. Usually, we replace the lateral assembly since all of the sand is removed anyway. In case one or more of the old laterals fails after the sand change has been performed, we replace them so there are fresh laterals that haven’t been exposed to chlorinated water for years.