Commercial and Residential Pool Repair and Diagnosis for Wilmington, NC

Looking for pool repair or diagnosis in or around Wilmington NC? Bullfrog Pool Service provides a wide range of pool and spa repair services for the community. We focus our repair expertise on swimming pool plumbing repair, pool pump, motor and pool filter repair and replacement, chlorine generator (salt) system diagnosis and repair, pool and spa lighting, automation and controls, and pool heaters. We are not a swimming pool build contractor, but have a working relationship with several of the pool builders in Wilmington. If there is a pool repair or service that we do not provide, we know a company who does it well and are able to facilitate and coordinate a referral. We are happy to refer those that we cannot help to a company that we trust and know will take good care of our customers.

When presented with a repair or diagnosis need, we pride ourselves in keeping the best interest of the customer our top priority. If a pool pump is able to be repaired and it makes sense economically for the customer, we will recommend that option. Whenever presented with a decision, we will make the best recommendation relevant to our customers needs. If your pool filter plumbing is cracked or has a leak, call us for a no pressure, no charge estimate at your home or neighborhood HOA pool. Is your chlorine generator (salt) system displaying a warning or error code? Our pool and spa service technicians have experience and work closely with the chlorine generator (salt) system manufacturers, and we are able to diagnose and repair your salt system accurately. Give us a call or send us an email for a prompt response so you can take care of your pool repair problem, right away.

We diagnose, service and repair most pool and spa equipment from the below manufacturers:


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