Cold weather blues? Spring countdown begins!

Even as the Northeast is being hammered again with blizzard conditions for the second or third time in as many weeks, here in Wilmington, NC pool owners are dreaming about┬ájust a few short weeks into the future when we can at least start to entertain the idea of warm spring days when it’s just hot enough to take the first dip of the 2015 season. Check out this snowy pool, hope they have their circulation pump running at all times! Now is a good time to be thinking of any repairs or pool service items that you would like to take care of and give us a call if you have questions about your pool equipment or system. Are you thinking about switching to a chlorine generator, most commonly referred to as a salt system? We install the best manufactured and most reliable system on the market and have a great track record of maximizing our customer’s investment.

snow pool

Looks a bit chilly

Maybe its time to check us out and get a quote for regular maintenance on your pool or spa. Do you have a pool motor or pump that is on its last leg? We are well-versed in energy efficiency for swimming pools and can diagnose any problems your current pool pump or motor is experiencing. If it makes sense to switch to a high efficiency Energy Star pump, we will make a recommendation and give you a quote. Whatever your pool question, we can answer or find the answer! Give us a call today at 910.622.1329 or visit us on our contact page to send a quick email with your request. We look forward to hearing from you! Spring is right around the corner!

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