Saving Energy, Saving Money

In the pool and spa industry today, it is becoming essential and beneficial to thoroughly analyze the efficiency of a pool system’s components and performance. This includes pool pumps, filters, plumbing pipe size and layout, pool heaters, salt chlorination, control systems and pool lighting. At Bullfrog Pool Service, we are dedicated to providing a quality service to our customers. This includes being informed and aware of the efficiency of any given pool based on the needs and preferences of the customer. Many times our customers have reported savings of several hundred dollars per year and higher based on our recommendations for their specific pool or spa.

Pool Pumps

 Various models of pool pumps have recently qualified for the Energy Star label, proving that they are 30-72% more energy efficient than a standard pool pump model. For tips on saving energy on your pool pump, download the Energy Star website fact sheet on pool pumps here. Bullfrog Pool Service has the knowledge and tools to analyze the potential savings of replacing a standard pump model with a higher efficiency one. This not only applies to residential or “backyard” pools but also to commercial and neighborhood HOA pools. Besides the energy star qualifications for some pool pump manufacturers, pump design technology has come a long way in the past few years and even the most standard pumps are becoming more efficient. This makes it possible to move down in horsepower while still allowing pool volume turnover rates required by area Health Departments. This also translates to lower utility bills for neighborhood and community swimming pool customers. This can sometimes translate to thousands of dollars of savings per year on the bigger commercial pools. We love to save our customers money on the cost of their pool without sacrificing swimming or sanitizing quality!

Pool and Spa Heaters

AnotherSR400LP heater image area to address regarding energy efficiency and money savings is pool heaters. If you have a pool and/or spa heater currently, you may want to look at the age of the heater and its efficiency. On average, most pool and spa heaters come out of the factory with an efficiency standard of about 75%. As of April 2013, the standard was increased to 82%.¹ Most gas fired pool and spa heaters lose 3-4% efficiency each year. So, if your heater was installed in 9 years ago with a 72% efficiency, it is most likely currently around 36-45% efficiency. If you use your heater frequently, you are losing a lot of efficiency each year compared to a new heater. The most efficient gas-fired heaters now have an efficiency of 85%. Propane is expensive, and you could be saving money if your heater is old, out of date or not at optimal operating capacity. At Bullfrog, as a part of our regular maintenance programs, we analyze the efficiency of each pool and make suggestions or recommendations based on what we find. We do this at no extra charge.

Salt Chlorination Systems

IntelliChlor_Cell Salt chlorination technology (i.e. chlorine generator system) continues to explode as the most recommended method for sanitizing pools. With a salt water pool system, a chlorine generator is added to the pool filtration system. The water passes through the chlorinator where salt produces a chlorine gas that dissolves into the water. After that chlorine is used up, it in turn breaks down and converts back into salt, cycling the process all over again. The technology has been around a very long time, but the reliability and cost have vastly improved over the years. This allows for a lower entry price, faster return on investment, and less frequent service calls. Bullfrog Pool Service has experience with a wide variety of salt water pool systems, and we have the knowledge needed to diagnose any issues your salt system might be having. We also have the expertise to properly install, maintain and service salt chlorination systems for pools. Until recently, commercial pool salt systems could be too expensive or unreliable to be cost effective. However, most of the manufacturers have begun to introduce commercial grade salt systems for large semi-private, public, and neighborhood HOA swimming pools. Salt water pools are less harsh on eyes and skin, less expensive relating to chemical cost, and much more resistant to algae growth. Give us a call if you have any questions about converting your Wilmington NC pool to a salt water system.

Automation Systems

  Many pool owners are looking for a way to upgrade their pool or spa without breaking the bank. Pool automation is sometimes the perfect solution for updating your pool and spa system. From simple to complex, we will meet with you to discuss the options and cost for your ideal pool project. Many homeowners with an existing pool can update their lighting, add a salt water system, install actuator valves and power centers that allow total control of their pool and spa with just the touch of a button. Another option is internet-ready systems that allow for remote control and monitoring of your pool whenever and wherever you would like as long as you are connected to the internet. This option is ideal for vacation homes or rentals that need to preheat the pool or spa before a weekend visit.