Electrolytic Chlorine Generators, or “Salt Pools”

freeimage-10002487-highAre you curious about salt or electrolytic chlorine generator technology for your pool? It is becoming more and more common here with Wilmington, NC swimming pool for homeowners and even commercial pool homeowners associations to switch from traditional chlorine to salt chlorination. At Bullfrog Pool Service, we are well-versed in this technology and we know what to look for when servicing and maintaining your salt pool.

Electrolytic_Chlorine_Generators, or “Salt pools” are a great way to spruce up your pool this season. Click on the link for a great detailed PDF file created by the APSP defining what a ECG or Electrolytic Chlorine Generator is and what it does. In a nutshell, a salt system uses electrolysis to “generate” chlorine gas using salt water. There is a specific concentration of salt water in the pool achieved by adding the correct amount of pool salt, which is then converted through electrolysis into chlorine for sanitizing the pool water. This is a great method of providing chlorine to your pool and spa. We have seen endless benefits from our customers who switched to salt. They have virtually no algae problems, report less skin and eye irritation, love the softer feel the water has, and save money on chemicals. For more information, click the link here about salt pools and how they work. Give us a call or shoot us an email using the contact form on our website if you’re interested in making the switch!