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What is a sacrificial anode?

What is a sacrificial or galvanic anode and what in the world does it have to do with a swimming pool? Are you wondering this? Well, take a look at the definition according to wikipedia below. As defined by wikipedia: A galvanic anode is the main component of a galvanic cathodic protection (CP) system used […]

Energy Consumption Analysis

Today, we are talking about energy consumption and how it is calculated regarding pool pumps. When a traditional single speed pool or spa pump is operating, it runs at 3450 rpm; this cannot be changed on single speed pumps. Usually these pumps are controlled by an external timer or a “light timer.” The pump motor […]

Electrolytic Chlorine Generators, or “Salt Pools”

Are you curious about salt or electrolytic chlorine generator technology for your pool? It is becoming more and more common here with Wilmington, NC swimming pool for homeowners and even commercial pool homeowners associations to switch from traditional chlorine to salt chlorination. At Bullfrog Pool Service, we are well-versed in this technology and we know what […]


Thundersnow! – Songify This: We promise pool season is right around the corner but for now with a wintry mix forecast for this week for the Wilmington and Southeastern North Carolina areas, check out the link above for the autotuned song made from Jim Cantore’s “thundersnow” report. Its gone viral and I am a […]

Cold weather blues? Spring countdown begins!

Even as the Northeast is being hammered again with blizzard conditions for the second or third time in as many weeks, here in Wilmington, NC pool owners are dreaming about just a few short weeks into the future when we can at least start to entertain the idea of warm spring days when it’s just hot […]